Is there a future of Long-term Care in Europe?
What can we learn from each other…

The 1st EAHSA – E.D.E. Congress will take place in Prague, the capital city of Czech
Repubilc, the heart of Europe and one of the ten safest countries in the world.
Experts and well educated specialists in long term care will meet in September 13-14, 2018,
at the TOP Hotel Prague.
Nearly 500 participans will come to discuse about the European longterm care vision,
residential and ambulant care, the role of European commission and other burning
issues with speakers from all of the Europe.
The Czech Republic is one of the ten safest countries in the world.

First congress day – plenary session

1/ The role of European Commission in Long-term Care in Europe
2/ Should the European Union have an influence in LTC policies in Member States?
3/ “EU Uniform Care” – The Way Ahead or a Hazard?
4/ LTC in 2030 – European visions
5/ Residential and/or Ambulant Care

Second congress day – morning and afternoon sessions

I/ Public and private LTC providers
II/ EU welfare state policies – can the clients see difference?
III/ Dementia and the impact to LTC in Europe
IV/ Workforces in LTC in Europe